“Pretties in Pink”–The Meaning of Happiness?

"Pretties in Pink" (8"x10")

“Pretties in Pink” (8″x10″)

Sometimes I am amazed that the smaller the piece of artwork I create, the longer it takes.  Yesterday afternoon, after 18 hours of labor, I finally finished this tiny, 8”x10” collage of three pink roses, past their prime, with their soft, droopy petals falling gracefully away from their centers.  I used a simple piece of pre-drilled hardboard ($1.50), which I coated with gesso and spray-painted with black on the back.  I coated the collage with two coats of glossy varnish, so it doesn’t need framing.  It is lightweight and ready to hang.  I will ask $50 for it.

If I sell the piece, I will have earned a ‘70s minimum wage.    You might think I’m crazy, and maybe I am, but when I am working on these pieces, and when I look on them finished, sometimes I feel as if it were the ‘70s again, and I am in my 20s again, full of ideas and promise and potential.  Time and past fall away, and I am wholly present in this parallel universe.

Is that what it means to be happy—to be totally content with the present and not feel that you should be somewhere else doing something entirely different?


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