For some reason, while working on “Dante’s View,” I fell into working on two pieces with animals.

The first, a 10”x16” strip abstract, which I affectionately named “Wild Dreams,” overlays a close-up of a lion’s face with a leaping leopard, a sensually reclining woman, and rare meat.

"Wild Dream"

“Wild Dream”

The second one, a petite 8”x13”, which I’ve titled “Self-Image,” is a playful domestic housecat all done up in leopard and tiger skin prints.  I cannot tell a lie:  I traced the cat’s outline from a calendar, but her “dressing” is all my doing.



These both came out of nowhere; I had no previous thoughts about what I’d do next.  I didn’t plan to “do animals.”  Yeah, I’ve been meaning to use up some of the animal pictures I’ve gleaned from so many travel catalogs and magazines (thank you Amy & Shawn Sabo and the “Passionate Nomads” of my book club), but I hadn’t planned HOW.  It just happened.

I like having an unpremeditated day for a change.



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