Just Desserts

Every day I receive an email from DailyPaintworks.com containing thumbnails of approximately 200 paintings from artists around the world.  The website does not determine which paintings are distributed on any given day; rather, when the artist uploads the image, he/she determines the date on which it will be included.  The artwork is not pre-judged, but even so I would say that the quality ranges from good to extremely good, maybe even some “exceptional.”  (I already have my favorite artists in the community.)  Ironically, what fascinates me so much is not the variety I see, but the LACK of variety of the subject matter in these daily paintings.

Common subjects among the artwork from DailyPaintworks.com include pears, cupcakes, dogs, all poses of naked adults, koi, the backs of clothed people looking at stuff, more pears, sliced cake, individual rocks, rocks trapped in rocks, birds, groupings of pears, books on bookshelves, donuts, cut-open fruit, more koi, rocks piled on rocks, eggs, as well as the usual assortment of subjects that I use:  sunsets, landscapes, and flowers.  Abstracts are few and far between.

Since I’ve not taken art courses in a university setting, I’m not familiar with the types of practice exercises the professors make their students do, and maybe that accounts for the repetition of subject matter.  Or maybe the artists are inspired to try their hands at what they see others doing.  (The latter reason hasn’t worked on me—I honestly don’t understand the fascination with painting FOOD, especially close-ups of rich desserts.  On the other hand, I like to incorporate pictures of food in my sunsets, landscapes, and flowers.  Maybe my obsession allows me to see food in everything.)

Anyway, I would like to leave you with these parting thoughts:

English: Store bought cupcakes.

English: Store bought cupcakes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A pear

A pear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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