Potty Blues

Last week was a chaotic one, and it’s reflected in the “art” I created.  My intention was to create a spring collage of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush in a South Texas field.  (Thank you, Jon Packman, for providing many images to choose from.)

Either the photo I selected to work from didn’t have a good composition, or my treatment of the subject was off, but what I ended up with was—in my learned opinion—nothing more than crap.  I don’t have time to swim in sewage right now because I’m in production mode:   I have a solo exhibition coming up in a few weeks (more on that later), and I need not only 30 GREAT pieces for the show, but I need to leave some work behind in the gallery.  Needless to say, this problem with me creating poop (I’m trying to avoid using the “S” word) kept me awake one night until I hit on a solution:  cut up that piece of doo-doo and save the good parts!

So instead of one healthy-sized turd, I now have two petite collages that may be worth framing:

"South Texas Blues"

“South Texas Blues”

"South Texas Palette"

“South Texas Palette”

Ah, I feel better now!


One thought on “Potty Blues

  1. Beverly Austin

    When it comes to my writing, I’m always in favor of recyling my recyling. Waste is a sin, whether it comes to time or materials. You'[re brilliant! Looking forward to the first. Hang in there, gal.


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