“Fortune’s Furious Fickle Wheel” (Shakespeare)

Nothing is ever as it seems, nor does it stay that way for very long.

I just KNEW something didn’t feel right about the supposed sale of “Dante’s View” at the arts foundation gala two weeks ago.  Today, instead of a check in the mail, I received an email stating simply that the piece didn’t sell and that it was waiting at Binders to be picked up.  It was probably a paperwork snafu, as I expected might happen.

The upside of this is that “Dante’s View” will now be available for my solo exhibit beginning on 6/1 at the ART Station in Stone Mountain, GA, and that makes me happy.  I will have my lovely piece back.

But fate’s finger has pointed at me again:  remember how last week I bemoaned the grief I felt at letting go of my “children” when I dropped them off for the Decatur Fine Arts Exhibit?  Well, here’s the next installment.

Tuesday, 5/21, from 5:00-7:00 PM, was the opening reception for that exhibit.  I went by myself (Ron was hung up at a meeting and in Atlanta traffic), expecting to have a quick glass of wine, view the exhibit, and sneak out the back door without much ado.  Alas, that was not to be.  A woman greeted me at the door and offered to escort me to where my pieces were hanging.  (How did she KNOW?)  So, with neither a nametag nor a glass of wine, I was escorted to the back wall of the art gallery where my two pieces were hanging.  From across the room I knew something was not as expected because BOTH pieces had ribbons hanging on them.

The baby blue ribbon on “Panamint Mountains” indicated that the city of Decatur had already purchased the collage.  It will hang in a city government building.  Cool!

The red ribbon on “Sunset, After the Quake” read BEST OF SHOW.

While I was very flattered to have won an award, I really didn’t know what that meant, so I got my free glass of Proseco and went in search of other beribboned artwork.  I found a gold ribbon on one, and a silver ribbon on another, and several modest labels identifying “Honorable Mention.”  Still uncertain about the meaning of it all, I went back to the corner where my collages were hanging to find a small crowd of people gathered around.  I must have looked completely confused because a nice couple befriended me and explained that I had won the highest award of the show.  They retrieved my nametag and a program and left me to explain myself to a myriad of artists and Decatur business people.

Eventually Ron called, and I asked him to look up on the exhibition entry application what “Best of Show” meant.  Would I actually be receiving a cash reward?  The answer is YES:  I will receive a prize of $1000 at the show’s close on 6/2.  I’ll also receive a check for the city’s purchase.

That night, instead of sleeping, I wrestled with that fickle finger of fate, for I truly felt as though I must have somehow tricked the judges into thinking that I created something that deserved an award.

This weekend Ron and I will go to the gallery on Agnes Scott College and confirm that it wasn’t all some kind of waking dream.  Maybe if we take some pictures, then I’ll believe it really happened.


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