In the Eye of the Beholder

Thirty-one.  Thirty-one of my original collages are now hanging in the main gallery at the ART Station for this weekend’s opening reception.   I think emotionally I’m ready for this.  My biggest challenge will be to stand up for myself and my artwork.  There will be those who won’t be impressed at all and those who will like them but won’t be buying.  I hope that someone in the crowd will have that credit card primed and ready, for that would be the proof that what I’m doing has value . . .

I have a new problem now: my gallery and studio space have blank walls.  It’s hard to greet customers and tell them that you are a collage artist when you have nothing to show for it.  “Come back to my studio to see what I’m working on . . . .”

So this week I quickly finished up a collage based on a photo I took of a Brewer’s blackbird clinging to a wooden railing on a foggy January afternoon along the Central Coast of California.  (We had gone that day to see the newborn elephant seals just north of San Simeon on Hwy 1.)   Ron has affectionately named this piece “Hangin’ 8,” and “hangin’” alone in the gallery, it will have to suffice for a while.

"Hangin' 8" (10"x14")

“Hangin’ 8″ (10″x14”)

I also started a series of pieces based on photos of colorful paper flowers that I took on Olvera Street in LA.  The abstract images are coming out interestingly, for I’m using a great many calendar pieces of Gustav Klimt’s famous sensual paintings of women with their elaborate flowing gowns, with arms, legs, and faces tangled in repose.   One of the other artists in this program has already dubbed these my “sex goddess series.”  Beauty IS in the eyes of the beholder, after all.

National gallery in Prague


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