Back in Business

Vacation time is over—we dutifully visited our mothers in Florida and California—and now I’m back in the studio contemplating my next moves.

Literally, I’m moving my studio down into the next block to Center Town A gallery.  It’s a short distance, but a chance to work with two new artists:  Tracie, who makes the most awesome purses and story quilts anywhere, and Fawn, who creates fun out of glass.

I’ll have to learn new technology as I upgrade to an IPad (oh, darn!) with a credit card reader for processing credit card charges as part of my move uptown.  (Angry Birds, here I come!)

I’m also planning a foray into the world of Twitter because other artists tell me that that’s the best way to be in the know about upcoming art events and shows I may want to enter.

Even though most of my collages are still on exhibit at the ART Station (through 8/18), I am watching for more shows to enter since they provide the best exposure.  Today I dropped off one of my newest strip abstracts (“Fire and Ice”) to the Atlanta Artists Center’s summer show.

And, as always, I’m looking to create my next line of collages.  Hopefully we took a lot of interesting photos on this last trip—Pacific Ocean with rocky shorelines, exotic succulents and flowers, grapevines, etc.—that will become my next subject matter.

Just to leave you with something visual, here is my most recent work, which I entitled “Dahlia, the Valley Flower.”  (I included the familiar name of the flower in the title because I grew up in THE Valley.)  Ironically, this little 8”x8” unframed piece sold the day it was shown on  Enjoy!

"Dahlia, the Valley Flower" (Sold)

“Dahlia, the Valley Flower” (Sold)


One thought on “Back in Business

  1. Beverly Austin

    We’re still talking about the opening, and Dave told me he was moving you closer. Let’s do lunch soon. What a lovely dahlia!


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