A Midsummer’s Night Dream [sic]

Summertime is flying by, and it won’t stop raining.  At this rate, Atlanta will be a jungle by fall. Vines and lawns grow measurably every day.  Maybe that’s why I’m working on another crazy desert picture—sand and drying shrubs and black shadows–and dreaming of sunshine and chapped lips . . . .

Moving my studio turned out to be more of a chore than I would have thought, but I’m beginning to feel more settled into my new space.  I love the configuration and the light and my gallery-mates.  There are walls to fill, and I feel inspired to create.

Here’s a little collage that I worked up recently to enter into a themed show about giving.  The little pug is asleep amidst jewels and presents, lost in his “Sweet Dreams.”  Could this be the beginning of a holiday line?  Stay tuned–

Sweet Dreams, 12"x16"

Sweet Dreams, 12″x16″


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