Prickly Poppy (Redux)

The heat is on (and I don’t just mean the summer).  Even though people claim to love my collages and remark about their uniqueness, etc., they just aren’t selling as I would have hoped.  Perhaps the only way I can make any money at this art business is by entering and winning art shows.  But when 30 of my pieces are still on display at the ART Station, I feel pressured to produce more so that I can enter more exhibitions.

Alas, though–my kind of art doesn’t work up quickly.  It took me two weeks to complete the following piece, and it isn’t even completely original.  I based it on a photo we took two years ago on the rim of the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, of a wind-blown, dried out prickly poppy plant clinging to the gravely hillside:

Prickly Poppy, 12"x16"

Prickly Poppy, 12″x16″

Last year I used the same subject matter (but from a different photo) of a prickly poppy shrub at sunset alongside the path at the top of Dante’s View:

Ghost of Spring's Past, 11"x15"

Ghost of Spring’s Past, 11″x15″

In the 2012 version, I experimented for the first time with deliberately embedding cut-outs of recognizable jewelry, which has since become one of my standards.  I cut up images of fine strands of silver chains from a jewelry catalog to create the twigs in the background of my 2013 version, even though they don’t exactly match the angles of the twigs in the original photo (artistic license, of course).

I do realize that a picture of dead desert flora isn’t everyone’s favorite, and I seriously thought that my desert series days were behind me, but here I am again with another subject that no one wants hanging on their livingroom wall . . .


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