“Guess I’ll Eat Some Worms”

Last week I used this platform to wallow in self-pity and whine a bit about no one wanting to buy my artwork.  Ironically, late that very afternoon the gentleman who owns a print gallery down the street came in and bought my first collage–one that I’d never titled and hadn’t photographed but was artfully framed.  And then yesterday one of the city councilpersons bought my collage version of a topographical map of Stone Mountain.  She wants it customized to show where her house is located, so after my exhibit at ART Station closes on August 18, we will undo the framing and carefully paste on a little sign.

Topography:  Stone Mountain 1 (16"x24")

Topography: Stone Mountain 1 (16″x24″)

(Someone recently saw this collage on exhibit and inquired why I had created a collage of a sweet potato!  Ha!)

Anyway, maybe I need to swallow my words and remember what a virtue is patience.


4 thoughts on ““Guess I’ll Eat Some Worms”

  1. Joanne Hopper

    Your work is Gorgeous!!! I’d be proud to hang anything I’ve seen on my wall, including the “dead” stuff… Are you at all concerned about your beautiful images fading, being made from magazine pages??

    1. cynthiafrigon Post author

      Thank you for your kind words! To protect the inks, I use a double-coat of gloss medium, followed by a coat of UV-protecting acrylic spray. During framing, we use UV-protecting acrylic glazing instead of glass. We also send along a note reminding the new owner to keep it out of direct and bright sunlight. So far there have been no issues.


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