No Wine Before Its Time

Often I bemoan the fact that it takes me so long to finish one of my collages.   This one is no exception, but I must learn to keep it all in perspective.

My good friends from Torrance, CA, Sally and Tom, have an enlargement of the following photo hanging in their travel trailer, and I begged them for a copy:

Photo by Tom Perkoski

Photo by Tom Perkoski

The story goes that they were driving along in the Central Coast wine country at just the right time of year and time of day when suddenly Tom pulled the car off the road and stopped, jumping out to take this close-up of heavy, ripe blue-black grapes hanging from well-pruned vines.

What was to be the fate of those grapes?  How long before they were picked, pressed, and transformed into a vintage that some of us will drink and enjoy?  (Orson Welles might have known the answer to those questions . . .)

Two weeks ago I decided to tackle this subject matter as my next major collage, and, for whatever reason, I decided to go BIG for me (18”x24” unframed).   Do you have any idea how many grapes there are in this photo?  I spent an entire day hand-cutting the grapes from ad pages of blue jeans, lakes, fabrics, blueberries, and designer handbags.  Each grape that I place must be behind, lapped over, or on top of other grapes without blending in with its surroundings.

WHAT WAS I THINKING?  After two weeks, here’s where I am:

Grapes in progress

Grapes in progress

I guess it will be another two weeks before I’m finished.   We just can’t rush a fine vintage . . .


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