Still No Wine

I tried hard this week to finish my as-of-yet unnamed collage of ripe blue-black grapes hanging from twisted vines, and I nearly made my self-imposed deadline, but I became stymied by two major leaves in the foreground.   I poured through my stack of green papers repeatedly this week, trying to figure out how I would be able to pull off that level of detail without drawing attention away from the grapes and vines.  I finally remembered that old trick of turning the photo and my image upside-down so that I could forget that the shapes I was piecing made up leaves.  I didn’t turn the image right-side up until I had filled all the remaining white board background.

This technique worked for one of the large leaves (lower right corner), but not so much on the other one (upper left).  Now I must tweak the darker leaf and then check the collage overall for contrast and highlights.  The end is in sight:  these grapes are nearly ready to be picked!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this weird mash-up I created using strips of several black and white ads and images from magazines.  This one is small—only 11”x14”—and unframed for quick sale.  I have no conscious message to make, but, nonetheless, it is disturbing somehow.  See what you think:

"Masks," 11"x14"

“Masks,” 11″x14″


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