Harbingers of Autumn

The dogwood trees have taken on that droopy, reddish cast that denotes the passing of one season to the next.   The cherry tree, the first to bloom in spring, has already begun dropping its leaves, smothering my husband’s little car parked in the driveway.  Visibly the sun has drifted back to Florida, and the nighttime temps are dipping into the low 60s. Giant webs grace the eaves.  Fall is one of those seasons in Atlanta that can either pass by without much note or can create surprises that will take your breath away.  Either way, it’s not my favorite season.

Those of you who know me well are aware that I don’t decorate my home much either for the changing seasons or for holidays.  Sometimes I swap out the tablecloth and the placemats that protect the coffee table from plants, but nowadays that’s primarily in honor of my granddaughter’s sense of wonderment.

In spite of my own preference to let the seasons go unnoticed indoors, I recognize that there are those out there who revel in decorating their homes with the seasons and holidays.  As an entrepreneur, I need to take advantage of that fact, and so this week I unveil my latest creation:  the fall basket.

Fall Basket (from above)

Fall Basket (from above)

Fall Basket (end and side view)

Fall Basket (end and side view)

I wouldn’t call this a work of fine art, but the sheer act of decorating this wood basket gave me hours of fun reminiscent of fall and winter days spent in my childhood bedroom crafting some item or another while listening to plaintive songs like “Hazy Shade of Winter” and “California Dreamin’.”  (At the time I didn’t realize that those songs were harbingers of my future—ah, 20/20 hindsight—I just knew they were full of melancholia and longing.)

Yes, all of that plus more is wrapped up in this simple little fall basket.  Disassociated from my nostalgia, it could easily become a favored fall tradition in some home other than mine . . .




2 thoughts on “Harbingers of Autumn

    1. cynthiafrigon Post author

      The cost is $59; it is on sale in the 3D gallery at ART Station. There should be a lot of foot traffic through there this fall, so maybe someone will have to have it. I’m going to work on a line of collage Christmas cards next . . . Thanks for asking!

      Cynthia Frigon Key of C Studio http://cynthiafrigon.com


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