Don’t Be Shy

I really am having too much fun, making puttering with scissors and paper and glue the most important activity of my days.  I won’t be winning any awards for a while, for I’m not creating any masterpieces right now; instead, I’ve started a line of holiday cards:

2013 holiday cards


Pretty funny, huh?  Previously I had set aside all the old holiday editions of House Beautiful, Southern Living, O, etc., that people had given me, and now I’ve turned the lead stories and ads into mini-abstracts.  Add a little ribbon or trim and voila:  blank original Christmas cards!

I also received a couple of “special orders” for anniversary cards, and they came out pretty nice.  Here’s a sample of one:

Happy Day

I was a little bummed out when I ended up with only 4th place (essentially another honorable mention) at the Community Foundation of NW GA’s first annual “Art of Giving” juried exhibition in Dalton, GA, on 9/26, even though it really was a pleasant evening in a lovely setting.  As it turned out, I was the only finalist who wasn’t local, so I am actually flattered that I won any recognition at all.  The award paid for my expenses (two, 180-mile round-trips plus meals), and I met a number of interesting people in the arts, so, overall, the experience was worthwhile.  As I’ve been told over and over:  “You’re just spreading seeds.  You never know what will grow from that contact.”

4th place

4th place

One more noteworthy new experience during the past two weeks:  I’ve been approached by a gallery in the Chelsea district of NYC to submit a portfolio for their review.  This is one of those deals where the artist pays for representation—which I’m not ready to do—but they also invited me to submit pieces to a big show they do in the spring.  So, once again, exposure is a good thing.

Thank goodness I’m not too shy, or all of this could be stressful.



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