Going National

I actually thought I had run out of places to show my work.  Sincerely, I thought all the shows were over, all the deadlines past.  But, alas, this month I started receiving regular emails from Professional Artist magazine, filled to overflowing with “Calls for Artists,” and now I have to screen out the opportunities.

Today I spent several hours charting the exhibitions by deadline, location, entry cost, dates, awards, etc., and I applied to three with deadlines at the end of the month/beginning of November.  I have four more with slightly later application deadlines in November, and even more coming up in December.  My challenge now is keeping straight which pieces I’m offering to which venue, making sure that if all of my pieces were accepted, I will not have over-committed the same pieces to multiple venues at the same time!  Ron teases me that I need a Gantt chart to keep all of this straight, and he’s right, although my project management days are way, way behind me, and now I prefer instead to keep a simple spread sheet along with an annotated calendar.   On a whim, I even sent in an application, CD of jpeg files, and entry fee for a show at Minot State University in North Dakota in January.   North Dakota in January?  How cool would that be?

I have no images to post at this time, unless you want to see vacation photos from my recent trip out to California to visit my mother and sister and to attend a friend’s celebration.    Since my return, I’ve been making cards and decoupaging boxes for the holidays.  I’m having a hard time committing myself to another complicated large piece, even though I should:  soon I may be raiding the gallery to supply these national shows to which I’ve applied . . . .


One thought on “Going National

  1. Lyn

    Good on you Cindy, you are doing really well. When I recently took a road trip to Walhalla about 2 hours away, I came across an old aussie ‘loo’. I immediately thought of you. I can remember you laughing at the aussie colloquialism. If you like I can send you a picture of this. No reason other than you might like to add it to your collection of ‘Things that made me laugh’. Keep up your good work and I hope you, Ron, the girls and your precious little granddaughter are all doing well. All OK down under. God Bless. Lyn


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