Piles and Piles

Outdoors it’s raining pine straw and leaves, and indoors I’m slogging through pieces of paper, cut and torn.

I have one workbench and cutting mat strewn with holiday ads for making more cards.

I have a table smothered in torn tissue paper and dried globules of ModPodge  as I attempt to prepare gift items to sell for the holidays:


On my other workbench I am collaging with leftover pieces of ads an early, unfinished watercolor of a glowing sky:


It seems that finally I’ve found a non-stressful way to keep my hyperactive mind and busy hands occupied.

Remember a few months ago when I whined about needing to “man up” and fully commit myself to this art endeavor?  Well, ironically, I’ve since read a book by Steven Pressfield entitled The War of Art, in which he identifies and describes Resistance, that fear which prevents us from fully committing to the most important work of our lives.  To overcome our resistance to become all that we were meant to be, we must “turn pro.” I’ve never liked self-help books, but The War of Art and Turning Pro (its sequel) are more philosophical than practical, and they merely support what I already knew intuitively but needed to be reminded of.

Like the trees outside, with so many scraps of paper I am shedding years of frustration and disappointment and self-doubt. . .


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