On Black Friday a gentleman strolled into our gallery.  I greeted him, and he immediately asked if I were Cynthia.  He had been over at ART Station and had wanted to buy one of my strip abstracts (“Prescience”), but because an exhibited piece must remain hanging until the end of the show (in this case 1/11/14), they had told him to come see my other pieces at the gallery right around the corner.

I showed him my work.  He saw “Fire and Ice” with its first place ribbon and stopped dead.  “Tell me about this one,” he said.

I talked about the Robert Frost poem and how “some say the world will end in fire, some say ice” and how the exploding woman represents desire and the man represents hatred, the two warring “sins” in the poem, blah, blah, blah.  The customer listened carefully, and then told me that he loved to buy art that deals with deception and that he saw deception all over that piece.  He wanted it.

(I had no real idea that my artwork shouts “Deception!” but I kind-of like that interpretation.  It sounds deep.)

The gentleman from South Carolina bought “Fire and Ice” right then and there, and yesterday sent me this photo and comment:

"Fire and Ice" at home in South Carolina:  "I am still discovering hidden images.  Love it!"

“Fire and Ice” at home in South Carolina: “I am still discovering hidden images. Love it!”

Of all that I’ve sold this year, I am the proudest of this because a stranger walked in off the street and called my artwork worthy of his ongoing attention.  My piece found its way into his home in another state, not because it matches his color scheme and décor, but because he sees meaning in it.  I am humbled.



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