Nose Tweakers Revealed

Last week in my blog I questioned whether a piece of art should be able to stand by itself or whether its story should be an important consideration.  I appreciate the candor with which several of you answered my question.  Generally speaking, everyone with whom I discussed this issue admitted that knowing the “story” behind a piece of art (including song, dance, music, etc.) helps us understand it better and appreciate it more.

That said, this latest collage of mine (“Nose Tweakers”), without any story or background information, has just won first place at ART Station’s Winter Member Juried Exhibition.  Go figure!

"Nose Tweakers"

“Nose Tweakers”

Still want to know what it is?  According to Wikipedia (God bless it!), “nose tweakers” is the common name for edible nasturtiums because of their peppery taste.  My collage actually depicts a ravine filled with wild nasturtiums growing along the bluff trail in Montana de Oro State Park in Central California (just south of Morro Bay).  The gray volcanic soil and dead shrubs in summer make a stark contrast to the vivid greens and oranges of this “river” of nasturtiums growing profusely in the cool dampness of the ravine.  The original photo was taken last summer from a wooden bridge that crosses over the arroyo:

Wild Nasturtiums

Wild Nasturtiums

Because of the “heady” quality of nasturtiums when eaten, I decided to use cutouts of people’s faces as the flowers.  Call me crazy!




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