On Waiting

I don’t like to wait for outcomes.  If I submit a collage to be juried for entry in an art exhibition, I want to know exactly when and how I’ll hear whether it’s been accepted.  If I’m in a judged exhibition and I can’t attend the opening reception, I expect to know the outcome the next day.  I’m in a holding pattern right now with two national exhibitions (University of Minot [ND] and South Cobb Arts Alliance), and it’s making me nuts.  For the past week I’ve checked their websites several times a day.  I’ve sent emails requesting the results.  Nothing.

It’s neither the possible recognition (nice!) nor the potential monetary rewards (really nice!), but the not-knowing that makes me nuts.  I want the information so that I can update my records and my blog.

At the first of this year I took over as Treasurer of the Atlanta Collage Society.  I’ve had fellow artists ask me WHY and HOW I could be a treasurer and an artist at the same time.  The answer is simple in my mind:  As treasurer, I’m classifying and storing details in spreadsheets and paper file folders, which is not really unlike what I do with cut paper.  The numbers are nothing more than numbers, for I don’t try to ANALYZE what the numbers imply; I just put them in the categories where they belong.  In my art, I arrange scraps of colored and patterned paper relationally and spatially, connecting the patterns and shades and tones, putting them where they belong in my mind’s eye.  If I were spending an equivalent amount of time writing instead (my dream job according to BuzzFeed), I’d be arranging words in pleasing configurations.  Aren’t these tasks similar?  Aren’t they all driven from the same compulsion?

Now that I think about it, keeping the books for our home accounts, my business accounts, and the Atlanta Collage Society is probably the easiest of the tasks I’ve mentioned, because when the numbers come in, I record them according to pre-determined categories.  It’s just a matter of paying attention and staying on top of it.

. . . Which gets back to why I HATE WAITING!  I want the information from these arts organizations so I can update my records, document my life, and move on.  Expect another blog entry when I FINALLY do hear from them!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this small ditty:

"Split Decision"

“Split Decision”


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