Snowy Day

The good thing about getting snowed in is knowing ahead of time and planning for it.  On Monday, I made sure we had more comfort food than we needed, and my husband brought home plenty of wine.  At the studio I packed up a collage that I’d titled “Winter Whites” even before I’d started it.  How appropriate to be working on a collage of a wintry scene while the world outside looks and feels that way!  But, of course, I had to commandeer one end of the dining room table . . . .


Meanwhile, my husband has been working on the taxes, focusing specifically on the ways in which my new business has increased the difficulty level of a formerly easy process.  I may not know much about how to calculate taxes, but I know how to document everything I do.  The data was all available to him for the asking but required a lot of discussion to coordinate my cash journal (accounting for every penny spent and collected for Key of C Studio) with my inventory list (accounting for every collage, every note/holiday card, every decorated box made, sold, gifted, or carried-over).  It looks as if my business losses and lack of taxable income mean we’ll be paying less additional tax than in previous years.  That’s a positive, I guess, about my new career choice.  What really matters, though, is that 2013 measured at an all-time HIGH on the happiness and fulfillment meter!


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