My Muses

Professional Artist magazine recently solicited its subscribers (of which I’m one) to write about their muses—those sources of inspiration that whisper gently into the subconscious of artists, causing them to create new masterpieces.  Those artists who can best explain their muses have a chance at being featured in the next edition of the magazine.

I have looked at that email offer repeatedly, totally uninspired to identify my personal inspiration.

And then, this week, the Board of the Atlanta Collage Society (of which I’m part) held a meeting to discuss plans for requesting a grant to participate in the 2014 Art on the Atlanta Beltline public art exhibit.  We are proposing to create nine 12” pillars, each dedicated to one of the nine Greek Muses as she has inspired Atlanta over the years.

I found it oddly consistent with my own thwarted self-discovery of who might be my personal muse.

Today, I suddenly paid attention to what I’ve been working on.  During the last couple of weeks, as I included in my last blog entry, I’ve been creating small abstracts by cutting actual photos into ¼” strips and rearranging them.  Last week I decided to combine a real photo with some calendar artwork.  Today I began lacing together two calendar pages of famous paintings.

SURPRISE!  I now know who my muses are!

My muses are those people who have donated magazines, old calendars, and photos to me:  my old friend from CA who cultivates pots of cymbidiums in her yard and whose husband stops the car to take photos of wine grapes; my local friend who has collected and given me so many beautiful calendars containing reproductions of some of the best paintings ever; my daughter who fearlessly snaps unusual pictures on her global travels; my brother-in-law who spontaneously creates still-life yard art; and to all of you who have brought me bags and bags of travel, home, and fashion magazines.  You all are my muses!  I am merely the eyes that see the patterns and the hands that cut and glue the pieces together.  I connect the dots, but the images all come from you!

I have decided to go forward now and tell Professional Artist magazine about all of you.  If I get a treasured place in one of their editions, rest assured that it will be dedicated to your generosity.

In case I haven’t said so lately:  Thank you!

Heliconia Pendula in the Conservatory

Heliconia Pendula in the Conservatory


2 thoughts on “My Muses

  1. Sally Perkoski

    At this time my reply is short, you are so very welcomed. When my eyes clear from my tears, I may write more.


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