Hands (and Teeth) Across the Water

Yikes!  My last blog entry was too depressing; I just can’t leave it that way!  My art life is going just fine–since then I won an Honorable Mention award at the Georgia Artists exhibition, and I had a giclee print made of one of my sold collages.  I dropped off two collages for the upcoming Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition.  Last night I spoke at a Lilburn Arts Alliance meeting.  I’m still living and breathing and creating.  Life is good.

Here’s a little ditty I had fun making.  An artist friend said she is concerned about what’s going on in my mind when she saw this.  I guess it was just those old birthday blues.

"Hands (and Teeth) Across the Water"

“Hands (and Teeth) Across the Water”



One thought on “Hands (and Teeth) Across the Water

  1. Christopher Frigon

    Congrats Cindy! I really like the underwater theme and the effect of something dangerous out to get me.


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