. . . And It Was Good

I’ve had my first print made.  I might not have done it, but two events aligned to make it possible:  I received $100 in gift cards to Digital Arts Studio (Award of Merit at an exhibit earlier this year), and I had in my possession a sold collage (for delivery to another exhibit).

My husband carefully took apart the frame of “In the Uncertain Hour” and removed the collage.  It cost $75 to have the digital photograph and proof made.  I had to select what kind of paper for the proof—it needed to be the same kind of paper as the desired print—and I selected canvas.  One week later the proof and a CD containing both a jpg image and a VERY LARGE (100+ MB) file was ready.  I was humbled by the quality of the proof—it was reminiscent of the way I felt the first time one of my collages was framed.  I was told that if I wanted I could have this printed as large as a wall mural.  I chose instead to have a print made on stretched canvas at a size half-again larger than the original, with a reverse of the image printed on the side returns.  One week and $179 later, I went to pick up my new 26”x30”ready-to-hang print, and it is AWESOME.

An Original Giclee Print of "In the Uncertain Hour" (hanging on the wall in my studio)

An Original Giclee Print of “In the Uncertain Hour” (hanging on the wall in my studio)

I was so excited about the possibilities of this that I’ve decided to drop off a new collage to be copied every time I go see a proof.  I didn’t know if my collages would work well as prints, but they do!  Once I have had at least four copied, then I can be added to Digital Arts Studio’s online store where people can order any size print of my artwork on any finish, and each print will be certified original.

I guess I’ve just taken this up to the next level.


One thought on “. . . And It Was Good

  1. Sally Prrkoski

    Cindy, this print is just gorgeous. The colors are so rich, I never noticed so many hands in this picture before. Well done


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