June was S-L-O-W for my fledgling art business.  Very low in sales.   I relied on my husband’s framing jobs, my first time jurying a local art show, and an honorable mention award for most of my smidgeon of income.  Oh, how disheartening!  It causes me to rethink what I am doing and to wonder why.

I’m not a stranger to self-reflection; in fact, it’s part of my DNA.  Questioning what I’m doing with my life is a recurring theme.  So why should now be any different?  It isn’t the process that matters here:  it’s the outcome, usually in the form of realization and action.

MY REALIZATIONS:  I have learned some of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, to own and run my own business.  Some aspects I’m good at; others are a continual struggle.  I don’t know how to MAKE things happen (through marketing and advertising), but I’m good at managing the day-to-day business matters.    I don’t know how to use space and display artwork creatively to attract the maximum attention, but I’m pretty good at welcoming visitors and sharing what I do.  I may not be a wheeler and dealer in the short run, but I can recognize future potential and envision possibilities.  I’ve had the opportunity to practice all of these skills.

MY ACTIONS:  Keep moving ahead.  If there’s no one coming in off the street to buy our wares, then I must find other ways to be seen and heard.  Over the past six weeks or so I’ve been steadily having some of my favorite and/or newest collages professionally scanned for prints, which has been a significant investment on my part.  Now I’m joining an online fine art marketplace where customers can purchase limited edition prints of my artwork.  Since I clearly like to write, I’m going to begin producing an email newsletter sent to my friends, family, buyers, and anyone else who has expressed an interest in what I do, reminding them of where I am, what I’m doing, and how to buy my collages.

The fall exhibition season is gearing up, and so I have four shows already lined up.  Business will pick up or else I’ll be making some changes for 2015.  I’ve never been afraid of change, so bring it on!

"Meditation" (16x18), on exhibit through 7/31

“Meditation” (16×18), on exhibit through 7/31 at the Atlanta Artists Center


One thought on “Reflections

  1. Kathy Powell

    Cynthia, your Reflections message is one I can relate to in my own life. As artist, designer or volunteer there are times I look back to see what happened, to imagine my future, to reread my goals, to celebrate my accomplishments.

    Self reflection is how I stay on course or to make necessary adjustments and sometimes bigger changes. Realization and action – you are spot on there.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and reflections too.
    Kathy Powell


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