Waiting to Exhale

Last month I ended my blog entry with this line:  “I wish I could promote myself better and more consistently.”   Last week I received an email and a phone call from a fine art dealer whom I’ve apparently met through the Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition.  She wants to present three of my larger pieces to a local client (a big-name organization) for purchase.  I would get my asking price if they select my artwork.  Fingers-crossed:  this could be a real opportunity for me.  She warned that this deal could take several months to finalize, so I just need to have patience (not my strongest suit).

In the meantime, I am finishing up a new large complex collage based on a photo of a creek and waterfall in New Brunswick, Canada—I cannot judge whether it’s a good one yet or not.  I think it lacks definition and intrigue, but I will keep looking and searching until I’m satisfied.

If nothing else, this summer I have come up with a new idea for extending my style:  embedding an actual photograph intact within a larger piece in which the surrounding scenery is done in my collage style.  I created this rather pretty but imperfect trial sample, using a cutout from a desk calendar as the primary image and torn tissue paper collage to complete the picture:

"La Belle Dame Rousse," 8"x12"

“La Belle Dame Rousse,” 8″x12″

Lastly, I have been accepted into my first international exhibit:  2014 Art Kudos Juried Online Competition at www.artkudos.com  I won’t know until 8/15 which of my three submitted images were accepted and whether I won an award, and so I wait some more.



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