Why We Create Art

A potential customer came into the gallery this week and gleefully announced that he loves looking at art because he appreciates new ways of looking at the world.  He enjoys seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.  Is customer appreciation the reason we create art?

On vacation during the past month I saw many wondrous sights across the American southwest.  With my early generation digital camera I snapped pictures right and left of twisted trees, wildflowers, reflections, rock piles, mountains silhouetted against the setting sun, ancient red Pueblo walls—all possible subjects for my collages.  Is the unique expression of the natural world the reason we create art?

Every step in the process of creating a piece of art provides the opportunity for meditation and spiritual expansion.  Contemplation, focus, manipulation of materials, close observation, transformation:  these are the activities we engage in when creating art, activities which give our lives meaning.   Is the opportunity to reach outside of ourselves psychically and spiritually the reason we create art?

To all of these questions, I answer yes:  this is why I create art.  More of it to come . . .

A future collage just waiting to happen...

A collage just waiting to happen…


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