END of 2014 RECAP

How did 2014 measure up against 2013 for my struggling art career?

  • New Collages I Created: 34 (60 in 2013)
  • Collages I Sold: 17 (29 in 2013)
  • Non-Juried Shows I Entered: 4 (5 in 2013)
  • Juried Shows I Entered: 17 (14 in 2013)
  • Shows To Which My Collages Accepted: 16 (12 in 2013)
  • Shows In Which I Received Awards: 9 (8 in 2013)

My two gallery-mates and I have signed the lease for another year at Center Town Gallery in Stone Mountain Village in spite of our whining and complaining that there just isn’t enough foot traffic there.   I know that repeated actions bring the same results, so with this continuity must come new resolutions for change, such as

  1. Look for opportunities to show my work within a wider geographical range. Now that my husband is retired, we can travel further and more frequently.
  2. “Go big or go home!” to quote my gallery-mate Fawn. I need to try my collage style on wooden panels that are at a minimum 3-feet by 4-feet or bigger.  This will mean I need to try a new technique—working vertically instead of horizontally—which will challenge me even more.
  3. Get into exhibits in Southern California so that my family and friends out there get a chance to see my work in person.
  4. Find a good showplace for the upcycled furniture that my husband and I are working on. We enjoy collaborating on these pieces, and so while we can, we shall continue to do so!

"High Tea," refurbished Victorian dining chair (SOLD)

“High Tea,” refurbished Victorian dining chair (SOLD)

May you, too, have a productive and rewarding 2015!


4 thoughts on “END of 2014 RECAP

  1. holly morris art

    More floral collages! I think you will make more sales. I noticed those all sold fast – and they are the most beautiful of you work IMO. Admirer, (I have the dahlia you did) Holly Morris


  2. bbateman1@comcast.net

    Feel good about the year!  I do want you and Ron to go up to Asheville one day.  You could stay at Amanda and Liz’s and check out their gallery (Zapow) and the rest of the local art/furniture scene there.


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