The Internet Has Ears!

Back in October I wrote here about having my feelings hurt because had “hidden” one of my new collages, and I couldn’t understand why.  Today I received a very kind apology from the owner himself, and here’s part of his explanation:

“This is David, the owner of (DPW). I just happened to run across your blog post, Cynthia, and after reading it, I see that I owe you a big apology.

“Your collage that was hidden is not, due to nudity or any other reason, in non-compliance with our posting policy. It was just before August that I had hired someone to take over the job of reviewing the new art posted to DPW each day and, in hindsight, due to me reading this post, I can see your work was hidden in error. Unfortunately, I hadn’t made it clear in either our posting policy or to my employee that collages from photos or other images were perfectly acceptable and welcome on DPW. Please forgive me for this mistake. Also, please feel free to unhide this collage in DPW, if you haven’t already.”

I had been happy with the services that offers, so it is a great relief to me to see that they care about the artists that they host.  I understand that these businesses can’t afford bad press and that they scour the internet looking for negative comments, but this is the first time I’ve been heard, and I’m gullible.  I guess I’ll stay online a little longer.

"Becoming," 18x24, paper collage on wood artists panel

“Becoming,” 18×24, paper collage on wood artists panel


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