The Power of Advertising

Sometimes events align for success.  My “Canadian Rocky Mountain High” collage was selected for inclusion in the 2015 Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition.  Unbeknownst to me prior to drop-off, the image of this collage was used both on the front of the exhibit brochure and inside the main publicity booklet highlighting the entire Decatur Arts Festival. Those two flyers are distributed widely.

I received an email almost immediately after the show opened from someone who saw that publicity and who tracked me down via the internet and Daily Paintworks.  This individual asked to know the price of the collage and told me that he would be viewing it this weekend in the exhibit and would let me know if he wanted to purchase it.

Friday night the festival sponsored an Art Walk.  On Saturday I received an email that my collage SOLD during the Art Walk.  Just like that!  I have no idea if it was the man who contacted me via email or someone else, but I have a strong feeling that being on the front of the brochure and inside the advertising booklet made a big difference.  People had a chance to get excited about my work before they even saw it.  They had a destination once inside the gallery.  What wonderful luck to be selected for free publicity!

That's mine on the cover!

That’s mine on the cover!


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