Along the South Rim

It took me three months to finish this collage, and I finished it at an appropriate anniversary.  Exactly one year ago this week, we were hiking along the Grand Canyon rim trail in the late afternoon when I took a photo of wildflowers with my 15-year-old digital camera.  The backdrop, in shades of deep cool blues and purples, receded into the far distance along the rim.   I thought it might made an interesting collage someday.

My version over-emphasizes the background colors, using brighter oranges for the sunny plateaus to contrast with the deep shadows of the cliffs.  Those dancing “fairy dusters” in the foreground are made with coral, white, and pale lavender embroidery floss.  The cut paper collage extends over the sides of a 24″x36″ wooden artists panel, so it’s ready to hang (no framing necessary).  I triple-coated the whole piece with UV-protective acrylic spray, and painted it heavily with gloss acrylic medium.  The finished piece may not last as long as the Grand Canyon, but it should last a couple of human lifetimes . . .

"Along the South Rim," 24"x36" mixed-media collage

“Along the South Rim,” 24″x36″ mixed-media collage


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