A Revised Key of C

After four car and two truck-loads, a lot of culling and cleaning, splinters and sore muscles, we moved my art studio home.  No more store-front gallery, no more monthly bills, no more regular hours.  I like my new space out in my own backyard, and I only share it with one other person:  my husband, who I’m pretty used to.

I sincerely don’t know how this will work over the long term, but I have already become aware of a few new adjustments I have to make.  First, when I’m at home, I obsess over order and cleanliness constantly.  I create artificial hurdles:  “I can’t go out to the studio until I’ve washed the breakfast dishes and started a load of wash.”  Second, without a clear schedule to keep, I can’t figure out when and how often to shower.  I knew these would be problems for me, and I’m hoping that over time I will come to peace with my compulsions.  Third, without the possibility of a customer spontaneously seeing, liking, and wanting to buy my artwork, I feel haunted by the need to generate some new business opportunities for myself, and I haven’t quite figured out how/when to work on that.  I have to keep reminding myself that we’re just coming out of the holiday hiatus and that there’s still time for me to establish a routine for self-promotion, but, in the meantime, the lack of opportunity hangs over my head constantly.

I have managed to start a new collage in my new setting.  I love having windows and desk lamps around me instead of banks of overhead fluorescent light fixtures.  I’m grateful for the backyard quiet compared to jarring Main Street noises.  I haven’t yet missed having people around who keep the surrounding energies continuously stirred up, and I don’t know if my work will improve or plateau . . . .

Back to my old self-doubts again, I guess my journey continues . . . .


Key of C Studio in Decatur, GA


2 thoughts on “A Revised Key of C

  1. Saundra Spano

    It looks like an excellent room to work in and I can see out the window into your yard. Spanos don’t need daily showers.

  2. Adrienne

    I’m going to miss being able to stop by your gallery space in Stone Mountain Village to see your work. However, best wishes on this part of your artistic journey!


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