Keep the One You Love

Here’s what happens when you decide to refurbish something to donate for a good cause, but you use materials and colors that you like:  it ends up staying home, and you have to scramble to find something else to donate!

Several years ago, our neighbors gave us a set of well-used solid oak pub chairs that they had found beside a dumpster behind the locally famous Manuel’s Tavern in the Poncey-Highland area of Atlanta.  Last year we resurrected one of them to donate to a fund-raiser for the Furniture Bank of Atlanta.  This month we resurrected one to donate to a fund-raiser at ART Station in Stone Mountain.  I selected the stain (red oak) and the fabrics (fall colors) to coordinate.


My husband stripped, scrubbed, sanded, and stained the chair in preparation.


I glued on the fabric strips, and then he applied three coats of satin varnish.


Unfortunately, though, I chose colors that go beautifully in our little home, and now I can’t part with the chair!  Sorry ART Station, but this chair stays with us.


Lesson learned.


One thought on “Keep the One You Love

  1. Saundra

    Too cute! And interesting instructions and pictures. You describe a creative partnership with your husband and an eye for color.


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