Strange title?  Surprisingly not.  Interstitial is an adjective which means relating to a narrow space between things or an interval of time between actions.  As the title of my newest collage, this word works for me three ways.

I am experimenting with a style which is new to me.  No scissors were used in the creation of this collage.  It’s all torn paper.  I used mostly those expensive decorative papers you can buy by the sheet at art supply stores.  I have an assortment of them that have been given to me and that I bought en masse directly from a local artist who decided to sell off some of her inventory of supplies.  I also used cheap tissue paper I once bought on clearance at Tuesday Morning for $.99.  The psychedelic orange stringy-looking stuff is torn from a dryer sheet that I dyed with acrylic paint during a collage workshop (after which I swore I would never again dye my own papers).  This experimentation has placed me somewhere between my realistic, recognizable style and whatever comes next . . . .

Interstitial the collage is loosely based on a photo I took this year on Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.  Remarkable Rocks is a granite outcropping along the Southern Ocean.   Unfortunately, on the day we visited, it was drizzly and foggy, so we didn’t get the expansive views that were promised.  Instead, I took close-up photos of the rocks themselves; hence, this strange exposure of the striated core rock inside its volcanic wrapping.  I was fascinated by the bright orange lichen that grows on the surface and along the fractures in the rocks.   That journey to Australia, along with our other assorted travels this year, has made me feel as though my daily life at home is simply time passed between trips, and so, when nothing is looming on the calendar, I feel rather stuck in between . . . .

It’s the eighth month of the year now, and I haven’t sold anything since I left the gallery in Stone Mountain Village.  I have entered lots of exhibits, and I’ve earned first and second places and an honorable mention (one of each).  For the first time this year, my business account just entered into the red (by $25!).  I feel as though I’m caught between becoming a professional and regressing to a hobbyist, and if I don’t bump up my marketing and my sales approach, I will be forever trapped in the interstices of my art career . . . .

So, you can see that the title of this collage makes sense to me right now.  I never dreamed that I would be capable of creating intensely personal work.  (Aha! This fall I will be showing in an exhibit for which the artist is supposed to interpret the question of self-image through collage.  I think I just completed my submission!)


“Interstitial,” 24×18, torn paper collage


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