People keep asking me, “How’s your artwork going?  I haven’t heard from you in a while.”  Just because I have nothing to tell the world doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing.  I’m caught right now between life and art.  I’ve spent a busy fall traveling and spending time with family, and building calluses on my fingertips so that I could play guitar (again).  Additionally, I selected a subject and a collage style that is taking me a very long time to complete.  There are not enough hours in the day, so my art has become blended in with all of the other ways I choose to spend my time.

I have two projects going at once:  an 18×24 strip abstract that requires a keen sense of perspective (which, as you know, is a challenge to me) and small, colorful 10×10 decorative abstracts for upcoming holiday shows.  So my studio looks like a bomb went off in a confetti factory, and I’m dragging tiny strips of paper across the yard and into the house stuck to the soles of my Crocs with balls of rubber cement.  It’s been open-window weather, which is fine until there’s the slightest breeze.  One dare not sneeze in my studio right now, either.


A Work in Progress

So what is this mess?  Well, imagine you are looking into a ruined, 19th century, three-story brick building, and the sun is streaming through the windows at a sharp angle . . . Eventually the collage will be oriented as a portrait, but I’m working on it sideways (landscape) so that my left brain won’t over-think the perspective.  The photo I’m referring to is also deliberately oriented the wrong way.  I took the photo at Port Arthur in Tasmania, one of the original British penal colonies in Australia.  I’ve already been at this one for about 6 weeks, so who knows when I’ll finish it or if it’ll work.

The holiday months lie just ahead on the calendar, and I will inevitably have even less time to work on my collages for the next two months.  Maybe January will be cold and gray and icy so that I have nothing to do but turn on all my studio lights, crank up the heater and Pandora, and make art . . . . (A person can dream, maybe?)



2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Leo

    I am so curious what this one is going to look like when it is finished. I already like it the way it is, unfinished. Talking about abstract with all the little bits laying reddy to be fit in.


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