It’s a Hard Rock Life

The roughest times for me are when I’m in between collage projects.  Here’s what my studio looks like right now.


Every scrap of paper has been swept away, my scissors are clean, pencils sharpened.  Very intimidating.

I have plenty of busy-work to complete:  delivering my two newest collages to an exhibit this week; shipping three collages to a gallery in Baton Rouge, LA, and sending supporting documentation; completing applications to exhibits that are piling up on my desk, by first figuring out which of my show-worthy collages will be available on those dates, which ones I’ve not shown with that group before, which ones meet the necessary themes, sizes, etc.; generating year-end accounting reports for my business and preparing for tax reporting . . . .  But all the busy-work in the world doesn’t get me closer to latching onto my next project and beginning a new journey.

On a lighter note, though, I must give credit to my step-grandson for naming my most recent collage “It’s a Hard Rock Life.”  Such a clever title (I love allusions!) for a collage of colorful vegetation growing tenuously along the Southern Ocean on the rocky cliff above Admiral’s Arch in Flinders National Park on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.


“It’s a Hard Rock Life,” 12×16, mixed torn and cut papers



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