Dreaming in Three Sides

I am literally dreaming in three sides now, trying to overlay triangles with people all night long.  Maybe it’s the rubber cement fumes or the spring allergy medication, but my brain feels as though it’s being reprogrammed to see into a different dimension.  Is this really 2-D art?  I am trying to present something 3D in multiple fractured viewpoints all at one time.  Each triangle in my collage is a world into itself, requiring me to cut and paste individual papers to make up a different angle and distance of one portion of a complete whole that’s been flattened onto a canvas.  The fact that it’s partially a self-portrait makes this even more ridiculous.  I may be getting a little obsessive about this collage, and so I’m planning to take a break from it next week.  Perhaps by the end of May I can escape this nightmarish landscape . . . .

tessellation 2


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