On the Road

One of the most difficult aspects of being a cut paper collage artist is the inability to take it with me when I travel.  But if I don’t keep my hands busy and my visual mind stimulated, I get restless and bored and ultimately angry.  We’re doing a lot of travelling again this year, and frequently I need something portable to do.  I’ve tried drawing, coloring (with pencils and crayons), crocheting, and even painting-by-number as stop-gap measures, but ultimately, I need to be able to manipulate shapes and colors and textures to fulfill this need.

Since I’ve always wanted to add fabric to my list of collage materials, here’s what I’ve started carrying with me to hand-stitch on the road, using quilting and crafting scraps:





And what about embellishing with antique buttons?  A few years ago an elderly acquaintance insisted I take home tins of antique buttons and trims, many of which that had been her mother’s.  I had not yet found any use for them, but maybe now I can integrate the buttons and trims into these portable, hand-stitched collages.

What will I do with these mini-collages?  I’m not sure.  I just know that they fulfill an itch that needs scratching when I’m on the road–again . . . .


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