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ORIGINAL COLLAGES FOR SALE can be found on Daily Paintworks:, cynthia&mode=search

I add new pieces to my gallery on DPW as they are framed or become available after shows.  You can pay using Paypal, and I will ship directly to you right away.

GICLEE PRINTS (limited editions) can be purchased at Digital Arts Studio’s Fine Art Marketplace:

Digital Arts Studio ships directly to you, and I will send you a certificate of authenticity and edition number.

CUSTOM FRAMING BY RON FRIGON:  All of my pieces are framed and packed lovingly by my incredible husband Ron.  (Those of you who know him know how meticulous he is.)  They are framed gallery style–that is, he uses 2-to-3-inch wide white or off-white acid-free mat and plain black or dark brown molding.  He uses UV-protecting acrylic glazing instead of glass so that the framed piece is lightweight.  He carefully seals the backing and uses wire hangers.

Stone Mountain:  Topography (1)

Topography: Stone Mountain (1)–SOLD

CUSTOM WORK AVAILABLE:  Have a favorite picture that you’d like to see translated into my style and medium?  Email me a copy of your photo, the size image you’d like me to make, and whether you want it framed or not, and I’ll give you an estimate on how much it will cost.  I will use the same pricing formula that I use for the pieces I choose to create.


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