On Exhibit

Pahoehoe Redux

“Pahoehoe Redux,” 18×24, cut paper, cotton floss, and ink on canvas; ON EXHIBIT for the Atlanta Collage Society’s art exhibit at GSU Perimeter Clarkston Campus, 10/8-12/6/2018

Another Day in Paradise

“Another Day in Paradise,” 18X24 cut paper collage, ON EXHIBIT at ART Station, Stone Mountain Village, GA, 10/6-12/21/2018. THIRD PLACE WINNER

Season 3 Jimmy and Kim

“Season 3: Jimmy and Kim,” 12×24″ mixed media collage, ON EXHIBIT at Atlanta Artists Center for the “Reality or Abstraction” show at their Grandview Gallery in Atlanta, GA, 11/6/18 to 1/4/2019.


“Penitence”, 24×18″ cut paper collage, ON EXHIBIT at the Hudgens Center for Art, Duluth, GA, for their 7th Annual Hudgens Juried Member’s Exhibition, 11/6/2018 to 1/27/2019.




One thought on “On Exhibit

  1. Craig

    Excellent work. There are lots of nice photo collages, but your work is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see what collage you do next!


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