On Exhibit

State of the Union 1920

“State of the Union,” 30×24 cut paper collage, based on a photo of reflections in “Untitled” by Anish Kapoor, a stainless steel sculpture at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA; finalist on exhibit at WWW.Kudos.com through 7/31/2018

“State of the Union,” also on exhibit at the Atlanta Artists Center for their “Renewal” show, 1/9-2/2/2018; SECOND PLACE WINNER

“State of the Union,” moving by invitation to be on exhibit at the Marquis One Building in Atlanta, Georgia, 2/2-3/30/18.


“Pahoehoe,” 18X24, torn paper and cotton floss collage, ON EXHIBIT at ART Station, Stone Mountain, GA, 1/20-3/3/2018

Toujours Toulon

“Toujours Toulon,” 24×18, cut paper and cotton floss collage, ON EXHIBIT at Atlanta Artists Center, for their Second Annual Invitational Awards Exhibit, 2/6-3/2/18.


“Sweetwater,” 18×24, cut paper collage, also ON EXHIBIT at Atlanta Artist Center’s Second Annual Invitational Winners Exhibit, 2/6-3/2/18.

Woven Woods

“Woven Woods,” 16×24, ON EXHIBIT at Lamar Dodd Art Center on the campus of LaGrange College, Georgia, for the Second LaGrange Southeast Regional Exhibition, 2/16-4/20/18.


One thought on “On Exhibit

  1. Craig

    Excellent work. There are lots of nice photo collages, but your work is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see what collage you do next!


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