“Panamint Mountains”; purchased by the City of Decatur, GA (SOLD)



“Sweetwater” (SOLD), purchased by the City of Decatur, GA, for their permanent collection

In the Pines

“In the Pines” (SOLD)

Along the South Rim

“Along the South Rim”(SOLD)


“Hummer” (SOLD)

"Rite of Passage" (SOLD)

“Rite of Passage” (SOLD)

“First Steps in the Garden” (SOLD)

“Copa de Oro” (sold)

“Wine Before Its Time,” purchased by Emory Healthcare

La Source

“La Source”  (SOLD)

Sweet Dreams, 12

Sweet Dreams (SOLD)

“Canadian Rocky Mountain High,” SOLD at 2015 Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition

“Thanatopsis” SOLD

“Midsummer’s Sunset” (SOLD)

Paradise City (SOLD)

Paradise City (SOLD)

“Dante’s View” PURCHASE AWARD by Northwest Art Center on the campus of Minot State University (ND)

Pond Lilies (SOLD)

“Pond Lilies” (SOLD)

“Fire and Ice” (SOLD)

“Pretties in Pink” (SOLD)

Prickly Poppy (SOLD)

Prickly Poppy (SOLD)

“To Be Born Woman” (SOLD)

“In the Uncertain Hour” (SOLD)

Olvera Street Fiesta 2

Olvera Street Fiesta 2 (SOLD)Olvera Street Fiesta 1 (SOLD)Olvera Street Fiesta 1 (SOLD)

“Of Two Minds” (SOLD)

Topography: Stone Mountain 1 (SOLD)

Topography: Stone Mountain 1 (SOLD)

“South Texas Blues” (SOLD)

“In Between” (SOLD)

“Dahlia, the Valley Flower” (SOLD)

“Sunset, Across the Gulf”(SOLD)

After the Rains (SOLD)

“After the Rains” (SOLD)

Indian Paintbrush (SOLD)

Indian Paintbrush (SOLD)

“Wild Dream” (SOLD)

Yellow Daisies grow en mass on Stone Mountain in late summer (SOLD)

“Yellow Daisies” (SOLD)

“Georgian Spring.” Created for a fund-raiser at Atlanta International School. (SOLD)

“Little Bells” (campanulas) SOLD

“Not-so-Wild Lupins” (SOLD)

“Golden Queens and Lilac Ladies” (SOLD)

based on a photo taken at the botanical gardens in Halifax, Nova Scotia (SOLD)

“Golden Queen” (SOLD)

“Self-Image” (SOLD)


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