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My studio isn’t clean and neat any longer; now it’s covered in slivers of (mostly) white purchased and found papers.  I’m recreating an image of my husband and me cast on a stainless steel mirrored sculpture which is part of the permanent collection at the High Museum in Atlanta (Untitled by Anish Kapoor).


This is probably one of the craziest collages I’ve ever attempted because each triangle must be precisely cut so that all points line up.  It’s slow going, but somehow intriguing.  Although the image I’m recreating is vertical (portrait), I’m working on it horizontally (landscape) because I’m using the biggest canvas I’ve ever before attempted—30”x20”—and my arms aren’t long enough to work at it any other way.  Oddly, I’ve opted to work in rows from right to left, starting at the top of the design.

This is another example of unpredictable outcome—I have no idea what this will end up looking like, whether I can pull off this illusion or not, and even if I do, whether it will be readable.  It contains repeating images of parts of our faces, too, and I’m not sure how I’m going to recreate fragmented human faces using only cut up magazine ads.

Once again I feel my vision changing:  now I’m seeing the world as a tessellation of convex polygons.  (This, from someone who barely passed geometry in 10th grade and never went any further in math??)